HTML elements

HTML - HyperText Markup Language

HTML is a markup language that defines the structure of a web page. Like any markup language, it has a syntax that defines how data should be represented in the text of the document.

Using JavaScript with HTML

JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to add interactivity and dynamism to web pages. It is widely used on the web, but can also be used in desktop applications. JavaScript code can be embedded into HTML pages using a scripting language such as script tags, or directly in the source code of an HTML document using a text editor.

JavaScript code is executed by the browser directly, which means it has direct access to the DOM (Document Object Model) and can read and modify any part of the page. There are many useful JavaScript libraries available for doing things like manipulating HTML elements, creating interactive forms, and creating Ajax-based interactions with the server. One of the most popular examples of JavaScript on the web is Google Analytics – you probably wouldn’t know this if you didn’t see the little Google Analytics icon next to every page you visit, but Google Analytics uses JavaScript to track visitors and send them anonymous statistics about their browsing activity.

Styling HTML with CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a programming language that describes the appearance of documents. It can be used to style text and elements like pictures, tables, and lists. CSS can also be used to add formatting like borders and background colors.

In HTML5, CSS3 is supported by all modern browsers. There are many new CSS3 properties that allow us to style elements in ways we never could before. Some of these properties include rounded corners, gradients, and box-shadow effects. All of these features can help make your website more visually appealing.

CSS3 is a powerful tool for building websites. However, it can be complicated to learn at first. Fortunately, there are many tools available to simplify the process. For example, there are CSS resets that will help you to reset your styles back to default when you need to start over from scratch. You can also use a CSS editor like EditorJS to create and test your styles without having to worry about syntax errors or code formatting issues.

How do I create an HTML document?

HTML is the language used to create web pages. The HTML tag defines a structure of elements, such as p> for paragraphs and a> for links. It also defines a style for the document so that it looks consistent throughout.

There are two ways to create an HTML document: by hand or with a web editor. Hand-coding an HTML document by hand can be difficult because HTML tags must be nested correctly and spacing can be tricky. Web editors allow users to quickly build a web page without having to know HTML.


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